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New Normal

So many of you have been asking how things are going here at the Home.

The truth is that it's been hard. The additional regulations, the constant precautions, the intentional one-on-one attention--it's been a hard month that has demanded a lot from our staff.

But through this hard, we've discovered several things:

  • We are blessed with a wonderful community. So many of you have supported our staff for the extra efforts we are making. We've had our community watching our backs as we care for some of the most vulnerable people in our nation's population. Thank you for caring for us so well.

  • We are able to rise to meet challenges. Our staff have been more unified in our care for the residents. We've been able to forget some of the differences between ourselves for the important goal of caring for those who are entrusted to us.

  • We are discovering new things to help residents occupy time--special new activities that might become permanent fixtures in the activity calendar. Things like room-to-room snack or crafts visits that were a coping strategy have become something our residents look forward to each day, something that we will probably continue long after COVID precautions are gone. Remote control car races were a huge hit too, and will be back by popular demand.

  • We are doing crash-courses in hand-washing. Not that we didn't wash our hands before, but now we are more conscious of it, practice it more often than ever, and have been singing the ABCs, the Doxology, and Happy Birthday almost constantly.

Corona Virus has been a learning curve for us, and changes have been happening almost daily. But there are positives to this challenge, and we are not blind to the growth that is happening within our Home. Thank you for your support. May God bless you!

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