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A Mother's Love

Few things are as enduring and faithful as a mother's love. Women are designed by God to be a picture of Him--His love and gentleness toward His children. To defy this is to defy both God and nature.

Years ago, I read a book about a child whose mother abused and neglected him dreadfully. The book filled me with horror at the inhumanity and unnaturalness of it.

Many of us can recall the love of our mothers as being something constant in our lives. When we did stupid things as a teenager, she probably gave us discipline, but she probably also gave us hugs and advice. When we lifted our wings and flew from the nest, she probably cheered us on, but she probably also had tears in her eyes.

In the Bible, the psalmist compares God to a hen spreading out her wings for the protection of her chicks. This is a mother's love, but it is also the immeasurable love of God.

In this time of remembering Mom, remember to celebrate the love of God the Father too.

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