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Father's Day Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why God refers to Himself as a father? Why would Someone whose nature is so far above humanity liken Himself to a mortal, earthly figure?

Let's face it. Our dads made mistakes. They did while they were raising us, they did when we were leaving the nest, and they did as we lived our adult lives.

They are only human, with the superhuman love of a father.

Yet they mirror the image of God. Their discipline, their love, and their protection--though flawed--remind us of the One who does it perfectly.

Having an absent, negligent, or abusive father damages this perception of God, and children growing up with that sort of authority figure often struggle with the picture of a loving Father God. Yet God is the ultimate Father, the One who has not failed you, will not fail you.

No matter whether your earthly father portrayed this well or not, we hope that you are able to celebrate a heavenly Father who loves you perfectly.

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