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Benefit 2020: Overview

We were hesitant about canceling our annual benefit. This would have been our 11th annual Homecoming Day benefit, and breaking that felt like breaking our momentum. Why cancel a good thing?

But this year--for the safety of our residents and staff--we are moving our event online and drive-through formats

The drive-through fish fry is something we know and love. We've had a lot of good feedback from our drive-through fish fry dinners in the past, and so it's only logical that we transform our benefit to a virtual fundraiser.

Which leads naturally to the question: will there be an auction?

Yes, there will. It took a little while to reach that conclusion. We simply didn't know what the community would do with an online auction, but after long discussions, we came to the decision that we won't know until we try. In a few weeks, we will be sharing a list of auction items with you. Until then, prepare to bid on exciting auction items. You can see the items as they're added at Bookmark this page, because exciting things will continue to be added!

While this is new and exciting, it's also a little terrifying. We ask for you to pray with us that God would bless our efforts, and that we would be thankful for the opportunity to use online platforms to host the auction instead of disgusted that we can't do our traditional benefit.

We also ask you to consider supporting our Home on August 21 and 22, either at the Fish Fry or by bidding on auction items online.

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