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Western Week

This week, our residents will be keeping things lively by having "Western Week."

On Monday, the kitchen is fixing a special cowboy breakfast and lunch for our favorite people.

On Tuesday afternoon, an old time western will be shown on Channel 2, followed by a bus trip to a local horse farm to see a mare and her foal. In the evening, there is "frontier trivia" to keep our residents' minds active until bedtime.

Wednesday morning, another western will be shown on Channel 2, at 2:00 Cowboy Boot Root Beer Floats will be served after we have a squirt gun shoot-out in the courtyard. In the evening, we have another brain game--"Where in the Wild West are We?"

Thursday morning, is another western on channel two and in the afternoon a visit from a volunteer and her horse, followed by an after-dinner Country Western Sing-a-long.

Friday morning, we have a Country Western Karaoke and Sing-A-Long. In the afternoon, we have cowboy games and a photo booth, followed by an evening pajama party, western movie, and popcorn.

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