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Benefit 2020: Saturday Night of Music

We haven't talked a lot about our Saturday night of music recently, and there's a pretty good reason why.

We simply haven't had all the details fall into place until very recently.

Oh, we knew we wanted to do something along this line, but we didn't quite know how.

But now that the details are lined up, we wanted to let you know that... are invited to a night of music at the Roanoke Park Pavilion on August 22 from 6:00-8:00 featuring the Roundstone Buskers, an Irish folk threesome.

And that's not all that's going to be happening that night. Along with the music, we will have handmade goodies for sale, a farmer's market, a bake sale, and ice cream from Kamaela's Kreamery.

Bring your lawn chair or a blanket and a little spare cash to spend getting yourself treats. It's going to be an awesome community event!

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