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Benefit 2020: God's Got This

I have to smile as I look back at benefit pictures from last year--that carefree weekend where we all gathered at distances closer than six feet, where we socialized, bid, ate, and browsed items elbow to elbow with our neighbor.

How could we have ever guessed then what would be happening this year?

Standing here, less than two weeks away from Homecoming Day 2020, I have to admit that I am a little on edge as to how the weekend will go. Will everyone be able to create accounts and log in to the auction? (By the way, if you're having trouble with this, please call the Home! We will walk you through it!)

Will people attend the night of music at the Roanoke Park on August 22? What if people mistakenly show up at our campus instead of the park? What if it rains?

I hate not knowing things, and sometimes it frustrates me that I can't know the future. It frustrates me to trust.

And yet, God knows the future. He's got it all figured out. He knows the Home's needs and has a plan for how to meet those needs, both on a facility-wide and on an individual basis. And His plan is for good.

The pandemic has been good training for me to remind myself of God's good purposes and omniscience. Throughout the past few months, when I would feel the weight of the unknown future pressing in on me, I repeated to myself, "God's got this."

He does. The pandemic did not surprise Him. The change to our benefit did not blindside Him. And the outcome of our benefit certainly will not catch Him off guard.

He's got this.

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