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Season for Grace

I know it's a bit premature, and there are some people out there who are wishing that they could hold on to these summery days forever, but I have to admit that I am not one of those people.

Autumn is my favorite season, and as the earth (finally) starts to cool, and the leaves show their colors, I start to dream of campfires with family and close friends, blankets with steaming cups of coffee, game nights, and bowls of popcorn.

Basically, I start to think of all things hygge.

If you're new to that term, don't worry. It's a Danish word, and I still can't say it right. It doesn't have a good English translation, but the gist of it is the feeling of comfortable, companionable coziness.

I've been fantasizing a lot about community lately, and I think it's because of the quarantine here at the Home. We do our best to keep our residents connected and happy, but doing that has suddenly become harder than ever. A family patio visit and a few group activities a day are simply not enough for some of our residents.

We are not designed to live in isolation. No matter how introverted you are, God designed you for interaction. In this year of solitude, many of us are discovering just how true this is.

Pray with me that our staff would continue to be strong and be able to build community in creative ways until this quarantine ends. Pray for the residents as they are lonely for family and friends. And pray for our community as we continue to find ways to be an encouragement to each other while respecting differing views.

In a world that is screaming and angry, be different. This is a season for grace.

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