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April 4-10, 2021 news

The Drive-Thru Fish Fry Fundraiser is Friday, April 16, from 4:30-7:00 pm or until sold out, whichever comes first, at the Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke. This take-out only dinner is $10 which includes: fried fish w/ tartar sauce, green beans, coleslaw, rye bread, and a chocolate chip cookie. It will be held in the multi-purpose room, on the back side of the nursing home on Davison Street. Traffic will enter from the west on Davison Street and move to the east to get the carryout meals on the backside of the nursing home. All proceeds directly benefit the Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke. Those unable to attend but still wanting to support this effort may drop off a donation at the Home or mail a check with a notation “Fish Fry Fundraiser” in the memo line to: A.C. Home of Roanoke, PO Box 530, Roanoke, IL 61561-0530.

ANNOUNCING: There will be a Healthcare Job Fair on Tuesday, April 27, from 3:00-7:00 pm for anyone interested in working at the Home! This event is open to all CNA’s, nursing students, nursing assistant students, high school students, or anyone who has a passion for serving seniors. All shifts are available for CNA’s housekeepers, cooks, and activity staff. Registration is encouraged by calling Healthier at 923-2071 ext. 114 or emailing for more information.

Easter morning and Jesus is risen! Christian hearts were rejoicing when going to church on April 4, especially those residents who gathered together for watching the live Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church service in the activity room. The special day continued when the dietary department had an Easter Dinner prepared for the noon meal. This delicious spread included brown sugar glazed ham, twice baked potatoes, garlic glazed chalet vegetables, colorful deviled eggs, and lemon layer cake along with a choice of assorted beverages. Several residents’ families were blessed to be able to take their loved ones out for the holiday, according to some of the new guidelines recently announced by the Illinois Department of Public Health for nursing homes. So many reasons to be thankful when counting our many blessings!

Monday Morning Manicures followed the Daily Guidepost reading over the intercom. “All things of God.” I Corinthians 11:12 was a good reminder that everything comes from God. Next was a replay of the prior day’s Easter Church Service on activity channel 2. Following lunch was BINGO. What fun to play in the Activity Room again now that group activities can be held. Residents especially enjoyed playing the 4 Corners version with their friends again. Of course, the yummy chocolate candy winnings always bring a smile.

The Beauty Shop is open again for residents at the Home. Many of the ladies are getting much needed perms while the gentlemen and other ladies are really glad to get a haircut. It was a beautiful day on Tuesday for Courtyard Walks. One resident remarked that she enjoyed “listening to the birds singing.” Another kept taking deep breaths, enjoying the smell of spring. The Travelogue shown on activity channel 2 that afternoon featured a DVD called Sentimental Serenity: A Journey Through 6 Plains: Badlands National Park, where fossils lie beneath the odd formations at the National Park in South Dakota. Lasso Hill of Iowa: These hills climb gently from the east banks of the Missouri River in Iowa. The hills were formed when the wind blew fine silt to where it formed dunes. Custer State Park: In South Dakota’s Black Hills, preserves both land and wildlife. The hills are named for their dark appearance when received from afar. Scenic Kansas: Intriguing rock formations pop out of the prairies throughout Kansas at places like Monument Rocks. Also featured are Mushroom Rock State Park and Rock City. It reiterated the thought from the Daily Guidepost reading that morning that God is good! What a beautiful creation He’s made. After supper was Trivia & Games in the lobby with fun facts and questions about Butternut Bread. Miss Sunbeam first appeared in the early 1940’s and she is still featured on Quality Bakers of America products today! But, Little Miss Sunbeam’s true identity is a mystery. Did you know that Artist Ellen Segner modeled the rosy-cheeked mascot after a blue-eyed blond haired girl she saw playing in New York City’s Washington Square Park? And how about the fact that Miss Sunbeam even had her own comic book series. Donna Erickson from Champaign, Illinois was a Miss Sunbeam contest winner in the 1950’s and represented the bread company on television and in live appearances. There were a lot of other achievements as well that were discussed during this enlightening activity that really interested many residents and had them engaged.

Wednesday was filled with another round of BINGO with lots of winners today for the 4 Corners version of the game. More courtyard walks took place as well. The movie “March of the Penguins” was on the schedule that afternoon while the evening included the live streaming of the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church. It was time for the weekly word search puzzles to be passed out with topics on May Flowers and Spring Cleaning.

Morning Stretch in the lobby on Thursday was a great way to wake up. Activity staff along residents rolled shoulders, necks, and arms and did many gentle stretches together. Doing these types of simple exercises certainly help limber the body up and overall in general just feel better. A replay of the prior evening’s church service was available on activity channel 2 for those who might have missed it the prior night. Inspirational Stories were read in the afternoon. It’s great to hear motivational accounts that keep us focused and appreciating life.

On Friday in Step Back in Time, residents had the opportunity to reminisce about spring cleaning, spring rains, and spring flowers. One person shared about beating the rugs out on the wash line. Another chuckled and chimed in, “I would beat that rug with a smile!” When reading about gardening and flowers, someone recited, “April showers bring May flowers.” The day concluded with a good ole gospel music video on activity channel 2 to relax and singing along.

There are several residents celebrating April birthdays, including Phyllis Remmert, the 4th; Carol Hacker and Ken Thompson, both on the 10th; Vi Hinthorne, the 12th; Trudy Moya, the 18th; Marlis Sauder, the 21st; and Dave Moritz, the 23rd. In lieu of the traditional monthly birthday party, special wishes are extended with a cupcake on the appropriate day with each birthday celebrant during COVID related restrictions at the Home. Meanwhile in the Country View apartments, a beautiful layered birthday cake from Caleri’s was delivered for Anna Marie Reutter’s birthday on the 7th for the CV tenants to enjoy cake and ice cream.

A new iPod was recently purchased for the speaker system to play relaxing music over the intercom into the lobby, resident rooms, and many areas at the Home and Country View apartments. Many thanks go to the volunteer who gave a lot of hours to upload a large quantity of appropriate music that is used daily for this. It is a huge improvement to the atmosphere at the Home and greatly appreciated by both residents and staff.

NOTE: “The Cottage,” the new Countryside Barn used for indoor, climate-controlled window visits for residents and their families/friends, is up and running! You can’t miss this beautiful shed located in the Home’s west parking lot in front of the building. Remember appointments MUST be scheduled in advance, using the link to Calendly on the homepage of the Home’s website:

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