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January 31 - February 6, 2021 news

An employee has a blog that recently had a post where she passionately described her feelings about what she saw at the Home. With permission, the following is a portion of her post: "I am musing...about what I saw today. I stepped into the med room this morning. It is a little room off of the west side nurse's station. It was quiet back there. And what I saw made my heart sing with a sense of grateful comfort. There on the counter, someone had left an open Bible. It was sitting there, a testimony that someone had likely taken a moment to grab a deep breath and glean some divine words of encouragement. It was still open, inviting others to also partake from the comfort of its living pages. Like for so many, this has been a really tough season for all of us. Nurses, aides, administration, housekeeping, dietary, activities...we all have found ourselves caught up in a reality we did not realize we had signed up for. The extra logistics, anxieties, regulations, uncertainties, fogged up glasses, claustrophobic masks, staffing challenges, resident and family concerns, emotional factors, are all real. But through it all, there is a beautiful sense of purpose. Appreciation and love for our residents is palpable. Their sweet and endearing ways continue to delight us and bring us joy. See families gather out on the patios as the sun sets and the day starts to chill is a memory that I will always hold dear. I can not help but thank God. For keeping the virus, for the most part, at bay thus far. God be Praised. For a DON and Administrator who have kept positive, engaged, and dedicated. God be praised. For front line staff, continuing to love and selflessly care. God be praised. For housekeeping and maintenance staff who have had to be creative in facilitating the strategy for quarantine. God be praised. For the activities staff who has continued to find ways to engage residents with fun activities and for social services who have helped to provide connection with families and loved ones. God be praised. And so today, as I saw that beautiful sight, that open Bible, I realized with gratefulness, that we have ready access to Him from whom help flows. I was touched by the reality of God's presence in our facility and the knowledge that prayers are ascending on our behalf. Thank you! and God be praised!"

February 1 started a new month and new Monday. February resident’s birthdays include Eloise Diggleman,

the 2nd; Leonard Goodin, the 19th; Mary Ann Schlupp, the 23rd; Janet Beetler, the 25th; and Sarah Dalley, the 28th. Eloise had the most creatively decorated birthday mini lemon cupcakes that her family brought for her to enjoy and share with staff.

The regular routine of Manicure Mondays and afternoon BINGO continued on the 1st. Activity staff took several residents for walks throughout the building that morning as well because it’s still important to keep walking even though it’s winter and very cold outside.

Groundhog Day was Tuesday. Activity staff went from room to room visiting residents and sharing Groundhog Day Trivia. Do you know what countries celebrate Groundhog Day? The answer is just two, the U.S. & Canada. True or False? Groundhogs are also called woodchucks? The answer is TRUE! The groundhog did see his shadow this morning so that predicts we will be experiencing six more weeks of winter weather. This is great news for all the snow lovers! In the afternoon, residents had the opportunity to watch the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Later in the evening it was a blessing to have the Eureka, Congerville, & Roanoke Apostolic Christian Young Groups come for a window hymn sing.

Many thanks go to the Roanoke-Benson High School FACS Club for designing and sending Valentines cards for our residents. These sweet thoughtful tokens brought smiles to their faces. Your efforts were certainly appreciated.

Wednesday morning was BINGO. That afternoon Normal Rockwell Day was celebrated by looking at familiar prints of his art that had been featured on the Saturday Evening Post. He is a very well-remembered artist and many found his art with children, animals, and families to be very endearing. In gearing up for Super Bowl weekend, a football themed movie “Rudy” was shown on activity channel 2.

Thursday started with Morning Stretch for the weekly exercise workout available on the activity channel. During Popcorn Pop-in, the touching movie Up was shown. This film is about aging, but it’s also about love, compassion, and making sure that every day counts.

The next day was National Bubble Gum Day but it was also Fabulous 1950s Friday at the Home. Several staff members festively dressed in 1950s attire. Residents enjoyed reminiscing about the 1950’s in Step Back In Time and all day long. Some interesting facts about bubble gum were learned, including ruling out the myth that bubble gum will stay in your stomach for years if you swallow it! Wearing the right hat in the ‘50s was a must for a perfectly dressed woman or man. There was fun discussion about cars of the 1950’s: Chevrolet Belair, Crobley Station Wagon, and the Hudson Hornet. Did you know… Elmers Glue was first introduced in 1951. In 1953 radial tires were invented. The first computer hard disk was used in 1956 and it was a couple years later in ‘58 that a computer modem was invented. It was the year 1958 that Wilson Greathbatch invented the initial pacemaker. In addition, it was a hoot to reminisce about famous TV shows from that decade such as I love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Wagon Train, The Lone Ranger, Mickey Mouse Club House, and many more. Some of the trends in that decade were bobby socks, poodle skirts, soda fountains, sock hops, side-buns, and drive-ins. Elvis Presley was #1 and teenagers loved cruise-ins. The musical Grease was shown on activity channel 2 that afternoon in conclusion of the fun day.

Norma Haase of Benson was able to return home on the 5th after being a resident since December 18.

Word search puzzles were passed out to all the residents on the topics of National Cherry Month, Pancake Week, and “I have a Bad Cold”. Many residents like the word searches and keeping their minds sharp with this type of paper and pencil activity.

On Saturday, residents could continue warming up for Super Bowl Sunday with a couple more sports themed movies “Hoosiers” and “The ’85 Bears” shown on the activity channel.

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