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July 18-24, 2021 news

COMMUNITY SUPPORT is also needed for the upcoming Homecoming Day fundraiser with donations of a service or new item (or a cash donation for the committee to purchase an item(s) for the auction or to help with the expenses involved even with an online auction) for the auction the last weekend in August. Items are requested now to advertise in advance and can be dropped off at the Home during normal business hours. Or call the Home to arrange another time so the donation form can be completed, which also gets a tax receipt for your donation. Watch the Home’s Facebook and website for information being updated with auction items already received. In addition, watch for more info about the Fish Fry on Friday, August 27.

ANNOUNCING: The volunteer program has resumed and the Home needs volunteers! There are many different opportunities for helping at the Home. In addition to the many different ways to volunteer in the activity department, help in the late afternoons/evening with answering the phone, passing ice, pushing residents back from supper in the dining room, etc. is currently being organized for as short as a 2-hour shift. This is a great opportunity for those 16-years-old and older in high school to earn community service as well as volunteering looks great on college and scholarship applications. It’s also a good chance for young parents, who after their spouse is home from work to care for the kids, to get out for a bit. Drivers for the handicapped vehicles to pick up a new resident at the hospital, drive a group of residents on an activity outing, take a resident to a doctor appointment, etc. are needed. If you’re interested in volunteering at the nursing home, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Priscilla Bill at 923-2071 ext. 171 to find out the current process for becoming a volunteer in a nursing home. An online CMS infection control program is now required by the State. While volunteering at the Home is different than in the past, it is still extremely rewarding to those who choose to give of their time.

The staff all wished Bill Noll of Roanoke well when he was able to return to his home on July 17 after being a resident for a month.

Monday residents gathered in the activity room for Crafts to take part in making bird seed ornaments. They thoroughly enjoyed watching and making the feeders for birds. One resident even commented, “We had bird feeders all over the farm growing up.” Thanks to volunteer Rebekah Hoffman for play the piano again for Dining Room Melodies. BINGO was held that afternoon and was the biggest turnout yet. Residents had fun winning candy and trying to out-BINGO each other. The evening concluded with the opportunity to gather in the activity room to watch a movie together.

The weather was ideal on Tuesday for the annual Splish! Splash! activity with some sunshine and warm temperatures that morning. This very fun outdoor playtime for kids had them dressed in the swimming suits on the front lawn of the nursing home. The residents were taken out to watch and interact with the children while they splashed in the little pool, played with bubbles, squirted each other with water super soakers and other water squirters, and drew pictures with chalk on the blacktop. Jenna Sizemore, the new activity director, had her 4-month-old baby brought in by Grandma Moser to play in the baby pool. As Jenna went around to the residents introducing her son to everyone, one resident held his little baby feet and said, I haven’t held feet this small in years.” Some of the ladies wore sun hats to keep the rays off their fair skin, which they simply loved and made them feel special. Towards the end of the event when the kids were winding down, frozen popsicles were passed out to help cool everyone off and refresh the little ones. Thank you to volunteer Angie Shuck, along with 2 of her children Smith & Jo, for making this event possible and thanks to the other moms/grandmas who assisted Angie: Bethany Boucher & Rowdy; Laura Hodel & Oakleigh & Willow; Jackie Knepp & George & Will; Melinda Knepp & Ella & Luke; Erin Leman & Graysen, Wren, & Archer; Beth Moser; Donna Schwind; Brian & Rebekah Schwind & Jordan, Riley, & Blair; Rylie Sphar; Quinn Zeller; and others.

The Nick & Natalie Hoffman family are blessed to have 2 great-grandparents living at the Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke and got some precious 5-generations photos. The first picture above features the Styner/Braker/Hoffman Family, front row left to right: Michaleen Braker and resident Richard Styner

Styner, back row left to right: Titus Jon Hoffman born July 2, Nick Hoffman, and Karel Hoffman. The middle picture above is the Moser/Hoffman Family, front row left to right: Jeanni Hoffman and resident Erma Moser, back row left to right: T.J. Hoffman, Nick Hoffman, and Nate Hoffman, who is the administrator at the Home.

Tuesday afternoon was another Country Drive, thanks to Volunteer Bus Driver Tom Hoffman. The outing started with a journey in the countryside, driving past some of the residents’ farms so they could check on their crops. One resident shared a lot of history of some of the land that people own and spouted off facts about farming. A suggestion to visit Yoder’s Market was made to see their goats, chickens, ducks, and more. Another shout out to volunteer Tom Hoffman for his generosity in treating the group to soft serve ice cream at Yoder’s. What a delicious treat on a hot afternoon. The full day of fun concluded with a Window Hymn Sing by the Apostolic Christian Congerville, Eureka, and Roanoke Young Groups. It was such a blessing to hear the youth sharing their love for Jesus through song.

Wednesday started with the daily Guidepost reading followed by Wheel of Fortune in the activity room with words and phrases from the topics produce and farmers market. After lunch is was time for Physical Fun in the lobby, tossing beach balls at each other. This was used as a way to strengthen coordination. Everyone had fun working together to keep the balls in the air while hearty laughter could be heard in the front office and down the halls, too. The A.C. Church was available on the intercom for any who chose to listen and worship.

More fun with animals was had on Thursday when a resident’s family member brought in some kittens to pass around the nursing home. Residents loved holding the kittens and watching them play with each other. What a great way to lift everyone’s spirits. It was also Resident Council/Activity Council that morning in the activity room. BINGO that afternoon had a little extra twist with the new part-time activity aide Dalton Logan letting residents call out the numbers for an entire round. Residents thought it was neat to speak into the microphone. Between games, as candy was passed to winners, Dalton and Jenna cracked some jokes, which brought an uproar of laughter. Everyone involved really enjoyed this change up in BINGO. The evening activity scheduled was Where in the World Are We, which is a very fun group game to figure out where all the questions lead towards that location.

Friday had residents busy in Morning Stretches and Step Back in Time. Residents truly enjoy reminiscing with staff about the old days. The afternoon had a music concert DVD available on activity channel 2.

NOTE: Due to the front canopy construction starting up again soon, the visitation Cottage had to be temporarily moved and currently is unavailable for use. The online scheduling option for the Cottage has been disabled for now. This is planned as only a temporary closure of the Cottage for a few weeks. The driveway concrete laying phase of the front remodeling project will begin soon, starting on the west side where the Cottage was located. Thank you for your patience as we look forward to seeing some exciting improvements at the nursing home.

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